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Alex and Estela

By Lisa · Dec 20, 2019

Planning The big day

Alex and Estela were such a sweet and loving couple. We truly enjoyed being a part of their day. We not only built a relationship with them but with their family as well. Their reception was complete with La Hora Loca which really got the crowd going. So much fun, love, and joy filled their wedding.

A Word From The Couple

The wedding we had been planning for 8 months turned out even better than we had envisioned because of Lisa. She communicated with every vendor and effectively dealt with two difficult ones, sparing us the hassle. We meet with her three times before the rehearsal/wedding day and she was very thorough and patient in discussing every little detail of our timeline and vendor list. She also took the time to go on a walkthough at the venue to better prepare. She communicated with us often and kept us on track on the days leading up to the wedding. I can stress out a lot, and was very stressed before walking down the aisle because, hello I'm about to get married and everything must be perfect! Lisa was there to calm me down and tell me that everything was going smoothly. From walking down the aisle to exiting the venue surrounded by sparklers, I can say she and her assistant were always there taking care of all the behind the scenes tasks including directing guests, vendors and sticking to the timeline, as well as making sure we were comfortable. My parents couldn’t stop gushing about her attentiveness and hardworking ethic. I can't count how many people have told me it was such beautiful wedding or called it an "Epic Wedding". The most valuable quality of her coordinating was that it allowed my husband and I to fully enjoy every bit of our fantastic wedding day.

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Photography by Theo Graphics
The bride prior to the ceremony.
The bride and groom's five tier wedding cake in front of a floral wall.
The bride and groom following the ceremony.
One of the couples wedding centerpiece options.
The bride and groom's grand entrance into their reception.
The front of the venue, Chateau Polonez.
The bride and groom recessing from the ceremony.
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