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Linda and Curtis

By Lisa · Jun 23, 2023

Planning The big day

Linda was a dream bride to work with! She truly valued our opinion, trusted our team of vendors and was honest about what she wanted for their wedding. Being able to build such a close relationship with a bride throughout the planning process is truly magical. We loved being able to read her face and know exactly how she was feeling. There was a solid level of trust between her and us allowing for us to make decisions with their best interest at heart. At the end of the night receiving the warmest hug and kind words of appreciation from the couple is extremely rewarding. We love being able to be a part of their magical day!

A Word From The Couple

Let me start off by saying this: I originally was not going to hire a coordinator for the big day. I was convinced to do so by my mom and my friends who had already gone through the process (comments came from brides with and without coordinators). I am over the moon that I not only did opt to have one, but that I picked such an amazing company :) I mostly worked with Brandy throughout all of the planning and I couldn't ask for anyone better to have had by my side. I told her my likes/dislikes and she immediately was able to form a picture towards what I hoped for the wedding to be. It was in August & people STILL are talking about it to me, my parents, my husband, and his family. It was a dream come true & I can't thank her enough for every bit of help before and during it all. I've also had different bridesmaids thank me for having a coordinator since they never felt stressed during the wedding, unlike others they had participated in. We were all able to enjoy the reception without any worries as Brandy handled any little issue that would arise. She helped make sure my vintage-like wedding was exactly what I hoped for, took care of all the time coordinating & scheduling of people, recommended amazing vendors, and was amazing to work with, since she felt like an honest friend who always had your back (and tells you when something looks good or bad when you ask for help). Our wedding wouldn't have been half as dreamy and spectacular without her, so I am thankful that she not only understood what I was aiming for, but helped me knock it out of the park.

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The couple kissing after the ceremony
The bride putting her shoes on
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The bride and groom on the wedding day
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